Cut and Paste Worksheets

22 Free Cut and Paste Worksheets with Cut and Glue Letters in uppercase and lowercase, Numbers, Animals, Shapes, Bugs, and Objects. Helps kids practice their fine motor skills with our easy-to-use cut and paste exercises. Cutting and pasting practice allows a huge increase in visual perception.

In addition, cut and paste worksheets helps to build focus, concentration, and attention on the tasks easily. These free preschool and kindergarten worksheets will make a great addition to your supplemental materials in learning centers, take-home papers, and after-school activities.

Cut and Paste Worksheet

Preschoolers simply color the fish and then cut and paste the fish onto the fish bowl. This is an easy activity for kids just getting started.

Kindergarten Cut & Paste Worksheet

This free worksheet allows teachers to teach all of the colors as kids match color words with colored objects. This is a great beginner worksheet.

Free Cut & Paste Pages

Here’s another challenge for your little ones learning their colors. With 6 colors to match, your child will master all of the pretty hues.

Kindergarten Cut and Paste Worksheets

Color Matching Worksheets

Our next worksheet gives kids more practice with their colors. Kids simply cut out color words and match them with the correct colored objects.

Matching Worksheets

Our Beginning Sounds Cut and Paste Worksheets will help kids practice the sounds of the alphabet. With all uppercase, students match objects with letters.

Preschool Cut & Paste Worksheets

All 26 letters of the alphabet are represented here. Kids simply practice the sequence of the alphabet with our easy-to-use free cut and paste pages.

Preschool Cut and Paste Worksheets

Cut and Paste Sheets with Bugs

Who doesn’t love cut bugs?!! These spring cut and paste sheets with creepy crawlies and flying cuties will engage your child in practicing one-to-one matching.

Cutting & Pasting Shapes Sheets

These shaped cut and paste worksheets are great for little ones learning their shapes. Simply match objects with the correct shapes.

Cut & Paste Shapes Worksheets

Our cut-and-paste shape worksheets are perfect for preschoolers learning their shapes. Students will match objects with the correct shape.

Shape Cut and Paste Worksheets

Our cut and paste worksheets include shape cutting and pasting for little ones. Use these in learning centers, after-school activities, or take-home papers.

Matching Cut and Paste Sheets

Here are some fun pictures to complete as puzzles with our cut-and-paste worksheets. Kids will love completing the mystery puzzle to reveal the prize!

Cut and Paste Animal Worksheets

Match the correct animal or creature with our picture cut and paste worksheets. Kids will love coloring, cutting, and pasting these adorable pictures.

Color Cut and Paste Worksheets for Kindergarten

Cut and Paste Car Worksheets

Kids love cars and these car puzzles are perfect for your preschoolers! Students color, cut, and match to complete each puzzle to finish the picture.

Cut and Paste Pattern Worksheets

Our patterns worksheets allow kids to practice sequencing as they cut each object and match to the appropriate row of objects.

Pattern Worksheets with Cut & Paste

Our free pattern worksheets include adorable creatures and fun objects. Kids will get lots of practice with sequencing and problem-solving.

Cut and Paste Worksheets PDF

Cut and Paste Patterns Worksheets

Our Patterns Cut and Paste Worksheets allow kids to exercise fine motor, problem-solving, and sequence patterns with this cut and paste freebie!

Cut and Paste Worksheets with Numbers

If your kids are learning their numbers, this is a great tool to use for hands-on learning. Kids will practice counting, sequential order, and fine motor.

Numbers Cut & Paste Worksheets

Kids will learn a variety of skills with our numbers cut and paste worksheets. Students will gain confidence in their counting and matching skills.

Counting & Numbers Cut & Paste Worksheets

These free printable cut and paste activity pages feature opportunities for your students to practice counting, number recognition, and sorting even and odd numbers.

Cut and Paste Apple Worksheets

This adorable cut and paste apple worksheet can be used to teach counting. Once students color all of the apples, ask them to match the numbers with objects.

Even & Odd Numbers Cut and Paste Worksheet

Our free PDF worksheets on odd and even numbers are the perfect tool to help your child succeed in math.

Odd & Even Kindergarten Cut & Paste

Help your child master odd and even numbers with our free PDF worksheets. Download now!

Cut & Paste Alphabet Worksheets

These free cutting printables build fine motor skills while increasing student literacy. Your kiddos will work on alphabetical order, uppercase and lowercase letter recognition, and beginning letter sounds.

Lowercase Cut and Paste Sheets

Teach lowercase letters using this challenging worksheet. Kids will gain practice with sequential order, letter identification, and fine motor.

Uppercase and Lowercase Worksheets

Students cut and paste the lowercase letters by matching their uppercase letters. This will help students master both cases of the alphabet.

ABC Cut & Paste Worksheets

Print our free cutting practice pages for all letters of the alphabet. A-Z your students will cover uppercase and lowercase letters while working on beginning letter sounds.

Cut & Paste Crafts & Activities

If your students LOVE to practice their scissor skills, try these free printable cut and past crafts! You’ll find fun activities you can tie into your thematic lessons. Find more free printable cutout check out our printable templates as well as our cutting practice worksheets for lines.

Cut & Paste Fall Tree

Want to get your toddlers to improve their cutting skills? Try this adorable cut-and-paste family tree. The leaves are intricate shapes supporting optimal scissor skill growth and development.

Paper Bag Bird Craft
Page 2

Your students can make a Paper bag bird with this free printable cut and paste activity craft. Print both pages, students color, cut and glue to the bag. More details here

Bee Finger Puppet Cutting Craft

This is a bee finger puppet craft printables. Students will color and cut out the bee, as well as the finger holes. (HINT: Hole punch the center to get started)

Cut and Paste Gumballs Worksheet

This cut and paste worksheet is designed for little ones learning their colors. Simply cut the gumballs and paste them into the gumball machine.

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