Number Sense Flashcards

FREE Number Sense Flashcards for kids! Students will get a variety of different flashcards numbered 0 – 20. Each set of flashcards will show students a different visual way to count. Kids will practice their number recognition and memorization skills. Teachers! If you need more math resources take a look at our Interactive Math: Kindergarten printables.

Number Sense Flashcards Printables 

Not only will your students learn how to count, but they will also practice ASL, addition, shape recognition, and reading. Students are sure to be engaged when learning these math concepts. Children can practice these cards on their own or with a teacher to quiz them.

Number Sense Flashcards Printables 

These free printable number activities can be yours today with just a few clicks! Students can advance their math and memorization skills with these math cards. Each pair of flashcard papers has it’s own unique theme and concept for your child to learn. Other FREE math worksheets available here: Kindergarten Addition Worksheets.

Numbered Flashcard Sets

Give your students a break from their normal math homework with these fun math flashcards. Students will determine what order numbers will go in. These free pdfs can be used when tutoring students who need extra counting practice. For more FREE math activities check out our Addition Color By Number printables.

Number Flashcards 0-11

A simple numbered flashcard set is also included in this pack of math flashcards. Bold large numbers are represented here.

Number Flashcards 12-20

Students can lay out all of the flashcards and mix them up. They can then try and order them correctly.

Written Number Flashcards 0-11

Here is a set of numbered flashcards, each number has a number written out in English above.

Written Number Flashcards 12-20

Students can practice spelling out the written version of the number. For extra practice they could also fill out the next three cards.

Number Flashcards With Pictures 0-11

This is a set of flashcards with a variety of different cartoon image representations. There are images of elephants, pickles, and rubber duckies.

Number Flashcards With Pictures 12-20

More adorable little pictures such as snails, narwhals, and rainbows are included in these math flashcards.

Number Flashcards With Shapes 0-11

This is a shapes number sense flashcard set. Each number has a set of shapes that represent the amount.

Number Flashcards With Shapes 12-20

There are a variety of different shapes representing each number amount. Students can practice recognizing their shapes as well as numbers.

Domino Number Sense Flash Cards

Domino Flashcards 0-11

These flashcards include domino visual examples for your students to reference. They can count the dots.

Domino Flashcards 11-12

Students can play with real dominos after using these flashcards. Kids can even try and match the domino picture with their dominos.

Addition Flashcards 0-11

This is a set of flashcards with math equations that equal each one of the numbers. Students will learn more about addition with these flashcards.

Addition Flashcards 12-20

These flashcard printables are very colorful and engaging for students. They can be easily cut out and stacked.

ASL Number Cards

Number ASL Flashcards 0-11

This is a set of ASL flashcards showing how to count in American Sign Language. Each numbered card will have a hand sign to correlate.

Number ASL Flashcards 12-20

Children can practice each hand sign when going through the cards. Students will have a visual aid to help them through each number.

Snap Cube Number Sense Flashcards

Math Cube Flashcards 0-11

This is a set of flashcards that shows the correct amount of math cubes that correspond to each number.

Math Cube Flashcards 12-20

Kids can use math cubes to copy each one of the flash cards. They will be able to create their own visual aids for each number.

Dice Number Sense Flashcards

Dice Flashcards 0-11

This is a set of numbered flashcards with dice representing each number. Students can practice counting each dot on the dice.

Dice Flashcards 12-20

Break out the dice and have your students use them as real visual aids to help them memorize their numbers.

Number Flashcards With Tallys 0-11

Rainbow tallys are included above each number. Children can practice these flashcards on their own or with a friend.

Number Flashcards With Tallys 12-20

These flashcard printables can be laminated before they are cut. This way they will be more durable and waterproof.

Ten Frame Number Flashcards 0-11

Students can use these ten frame flashcards to practice counting and framing numbers.

Ten Frame Number Flashcards 12-20

More free printable ten frame counting cards for student learning to count to 20

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