Hummingbird Worksheets

These free hummingbird worksheets are fantastic for elementary science journals and back yard bird studies.

Hummingbird Coloring Page

This is a simple black and white coloring page of a hummingbird. This can also be used as a craft template.

Parts of a Hummingbird Labeling Worksheet

Students label the parts of a hummingbird with this free science worksheet.

Hummingbird 3-Part Cards (COLOR)

These free printable Montessori 3-part cards are great for students to identify each part of the hummingbird. This sheet is colored in already for reference.

Hummingbird Nomenclature Cards (BW)

Students can create their own nomenclature cards by coloring in each specific part of the humminbird.

Hummingbird Tracing Worksheet

This is a simple hummingbird art tracing page to build fine motor skills with your younger students.

Hummingbird Facts Cursive Copywork

This is a free cursive copywork sheet featurings fun facts about hummingbirds.

Free Hummingbird Unit Study

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