Place Value Charts & Worksheets

Print our free place value charts, worksheets, games, activity mats, and more! You’ll find free place value charts to help you teach your students all about place value. Follow up with our free printable place value games and worksheets to help solidify your students’ understanding of place value.

Place Value Charts & Learning Mats

These free place value charts and mats make fantastic references. Hang these in the classroom, place in a learning folder, or print and keep in a math journal or notebook.


Place Value Games & Activities

Learning about place value is tons of fun, with our place value games! These games are designed to help your students understand numbers to the millions and decimal place value to the millionths. 

Place Value Charts & Worksheets

These free printable place value charts are a great introduction to place value. With multiple worksheets and charts you’ll be able to build upon your students math skills as you introduce each additional place.

What is Place Value?

Place value is “the numerical value that a digit has by virtue of its position in a number.” ( I like to teach place value with this common saying, “A place for everything and everything in it’s place.” By placing the digits into different placements we are changing their value. Moving them from place to place either increase or decreases their value. Learning this concept is simpler when you can play games and activities. Here is a fun one from

Place Value File Folder Game

Place Value Worksheets

This is a collection of free place value worksheets for students of all ages. Build place value skills with these

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