Alphabet Dot Marker Worksheets

Students working on fine motor control will love these alphabet dot marker worksheets. These are hands-on activities pages you can use in your preschool classroom. These are fantastic for learning centers and provide your students with ample opportunity to explore letter recognition and letter formation. For more hands-on alphabet fun, see our ABC Fine Motor Alphabet Bundle.

Letter A Dot Marker Worksheet

Learning Letter A is super fun with this free letter formation worksheet.

Letter B Dot Marker Worksheet

B is for ball, and boat, and bubblegum! Teach students to make a “baby belly, then a big belly,” to make the letter B.

Letter C Dot Marker Worksheet

Students can dab their way around the letter c with this free alphabet worksheet. Learn C before G and O for a solid foundation.

Letter D Dot Marker Worksheet

D is for dot marker! Students work on letter recognition skills while dabbing letter D.

Letter E Dot Marker Worksheet

This is a free letter e dab and dot worksheet for the fifth letter of the alphabet!

Letter F Dot Marker Worksheet

F is for FUN!! Your kiddos will have a blast learning about letter F.

Letter G Dot Marker Worksheet

This is a free letter G bingo dauber worksheet. Students work their way around like a C but come in for a landing!

Letter H Dot Marker Worksheet

Letter H is a simple letter to learn! Students build two vertical lines and then cross in the middle.

Letter I Dot Marker Worksheet

This is a free letter I worksheet for extra fine motor practice. Great for use with bingo markers too!

Letter J Dot Marker Worksheet

J is for JUMP! Which is what your student will do when they see these fun alphabet worksheets!

Letter K Dot Marker Worksheet

This interactive alphabet worksheet covers the letter K. Teach your kiddos to “Kick up and kick down” to build a letter K.

Letter L Dot Marker Worksheet

How LUCKY to have this letter L worksheet at your fingertips! Students will learn correct stroke order without even holding a pencil!

Letter M Dot Marker Worksheet

Letter M is a tough one, but it looks just like two mountains! Show students how to dab from peak to peack.

Letter N Dot Marker Worksheet

This is a letter N worksheet for students to practice stroke and formation order.

Letter O Dot Marker Worksheet

O is a fun one to learn! Not only is it a vowel, but it looks just like an Orange, or an Oval, or even an Olive! Fun and easy to remember.

Letter P Dot Marker Worksheet

Letter P is like a B but without the Big Belly! Show students how to dab there way through the letter!

Letter Q Dot Marker Worksheet

Quick! Print this letter q worksheet for quality fun with your little ones! Dab around like an “O” then give it a tail.

Letter R Dot Marker Worksheet

Letter R is like letter P! Show students they can turn a P into an R with a little Kick!

Letter S Dot Marker Worksheet

Letter S is fun to learn because it is slithery like a snake! Students dab their way through this letter S worksheet

Letter T Dot Marker Worksheet

Letter T is a fun one to make. Remember to teach your students proper letter formation while they dab!

Letter U Dot Marker Worksheet

This free letter U worksheet is great for students. Go right on down, then come back up.

Letter V Dot Marker Worksheet

Letter V is like U, but it’s a bit more sharp! Bouncy like a ball, bounce down and up!

Letter W Dot Marker Worksheet

Now, double it up! Letter W is like two V’s put together.

Letter X Dot Marker Worksheet

X marks the spot! Students dab across to make make the letter X.

Letter Y Dot Marker Worksheet

This is a free letter Y worksheet for students to dab and learn letter formation.

Letter Z Dot Marker Worksheet

Follow the path to dab and create a letter Z!

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