Ordinal Numbers Worksheets

This is a FREE pack of number ordinal number worksheets! Students will get to learn about the order of numbers with these activities. Vital counting skills are learned with this pack. These printables will help your elementary kids when memorizing the order of objects. Students will also practice learning the word spelling for each number. If you are looking for more math worksheets try our Interactive Math: Kindergarten printables today!

What are Ordinal Numbers?

Teachers! Show your students that ordinal numbers are the position of a number in a series. This pack includes flashcards for your students to practice the correct method of counting. For a challenge give your students a set of flashcards out of order and have them put the cards in the correct sequential order.

When to Use Ordinal Numbers

Teachers can laminate the flashcards after cutting them out to make them last longer. Three sets of number flashcards are offered in this free counting printable pack. Included are sets of numbers 1-10, 1-20 and 1-50. Punch a hole in the corner of each of these flashcards and put them on a ring to keep them organized.

Ordinal Number Cards

In addition to the flashcards, three cute animal ordinal number worksheets are included. Students will practice determining the placement order of a series of animals. Children will also get to practice writing out the spelling for a variety of numbers. Use these math worksheets for kindergarten as a way to help children understand placement.

Ordinal Number Chart

Ordinal Numbers Chart 1-10

This is a set of large colorful numbered flashcards for teachers and homeschool moms! Students practicing their scissor skills.

Ordinal Numbers Chart 1-20

These cards are numbered 1-20. Line up a variety of objects for your students to number their sequential order with the cards.

Ordinal Numbers Chart 1-50

Give your students some stickers to place on each number on the chart as they count through them. Mix up the numbers and have your students re-organize them.

Ordinal Numbers Chart

Hang this colorful ordinal number chart in the classroom for students to reference. Teachers can also print these pdfs and hand them out for students to take home.

Ordinal Number Words

Ordinal Number Words Chart 1-10

This is a set of ten colorful flashcards worded one through ten. Each card has the correct ordinal number spelled out in large capitalized numbers.

Ordinal Number Words Chart 1-20

Have your students spell out each word in the set of ordinal numbers to help their memorization. With this set of cards, students can practice organizing the flashcards in the correct ordered sequence.

Ordinal Number Words Chart 1-50

For a fun group class activity, teachers can pass out the flashcards to students and have them work together to place them in the correct order.

Ordinal Number Worksheets

Ordinal Numbers Matching Game

This is a matching frog worksheet. Students will draw a connecting line from the ordinal word to the corresponding frog.

Ordinal Numbers Animals Worksheet

With this adorable ordinal numbers worksheet students get to practice writing the correct number to the correct animal placement. Children also get to practice spelling out each positioning number.

Ordinal Numbers Line Worksheet

These rows of animals all have one animal underlined for your students to recognize and write the correct number on the dotted line provided.

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