Blank Number Lines

Blank number line worksheets for kids! These printable PDF number line worksheets are great for student resources, classroom posters, assessment support, and so much more! Add, subtract, fractions, rounding and other mathematical concepts using these worksheets. Grab them for FREE today! Your students will beg to do math when you pair our printable resources with our Interactive Math Curriculum.

Blank Number Lines

Blank number lines are the perfect resources for math lessons, games, and activities from preschool through elementary school! Your students will love using them to skip count, with word problems, and to do basic math like number line addition and number line subtraction. They make a great addition to student resource notebooks or homework folders.

Blank Number Line

Five blank number lines that can be used for adding, subtracting, counting, and so much more! Grab this free, printable page today!

Blank Number Line Printable

This page has five number lines with the ability to go up (or down) 20 numbers. This page is perfect for second grade students learning to add and subtract double digits!

Blank Number Lines Printable

This page contains ten blank number lines with 20 number spaces. This free, printable worksheet can be used as a full page or cut into smaller strips and given to students.

Blank Number Lines

Four free blank number lines with 20 spaces each. This page is perfect for students in k-2 (and beyond)! Download yours today!

Number Line Blank

This is a blank number-line page for your students. It’s the perfect resource for a student folder or homework helper. Free download!

Blank Number Lines with Numbers

Adding these free blank number line printables to your student resource folders is a great way to give K-2 students a universal learning tool. Use them with games (pair with our number flashcards), in homework folders, as posters, or in small group learning circles. There are so many unique ways to use them. How will you incorporate them into your learning environment?

Blank Number Line to 5

Four number lines to 5. Students can use them to add, subtract, or use with older students and practice fractions and/or decimals. This is a free download you can enjoy today!

Blank Number Line to 10

Four number lines to 10. Simply cut them apart for student use. Then, students can use them to add, subtract, or use with older students and practice fractions and/or decimals.

Blank Number Line to 20

Four number lines to 20. Students can use them to add, subtract, or use with older students and practice fractions and/or decimals. This is a free download you can enjoy today!

Blank Number Line Math Game

Playing games makes learning fun! Check out this number line game your elementary students will LOVE! With engaging gameplay play, your students will practice number recognition and counting!

Blank Number Line Printables

To get the most use out of your blank number line printables, download them and print on card stock. This makes them sturdier and more durable. We suggest laminating them or placing the printed number line pages into a page protector. Doing this allows your students to write on the number lines with a dry-erase marker and you can use the pages lesson after lesson, year after year! Number lines make the perfect resource for elementary learners as there are so many uses!

A Blank Number Line

This blank number line features two number lines to 5, two lines to 10, and two lines to 20. Count, add, subtract, and more!

Blank Number Line PDF

Blank number line PDF printable for student and teacher use. All you need to do is download, print, and go!

Blank Number Lines Printable PDF

Download these number lines to five today. They are a great resource for kindergarten students learning to count and do simple addition. Plus, these large spaced number lines allow an area for practicing fractions too!

Blank Number Line Printable Editable

Blank number line with editable capabilities. Choose the 20 numbers that are located on each number line by writing them into the box below the tick mark.

Blank Number Line Sheet

Number lines to 10 and 20 are featured on this printable PDF worksheet. Grab yours for student resource folders, homework helpers, and more! Free and easy to use.

Blank Number Lines to Twenty

This blank number line worksheet has five different blank number lines with twenty tick marks each. Choose between which twenty numbers you go between on when you write in the first and last number. Use these to complement our fractions worksheets between whole numbers!

Blank Number Lines to Print

Free mini number line worksheet. This page contains 10 number lines in a reduced size. Each number line has twenty tick marks on it.

Blank Number Lines with Tick Marks

Twenty tick marks per blank number line. This printable PDF page helps students to add, subtract, count, and more!

Blank Number Line Template

From 1 to 5, 1 to 10, and 1 -20, kids can practice their addition, subtraction, or skip counting with this blank number line printable!

Blank Number Lines with Numbers

There are 20 small number lines on this page! This would be the perfect assessment helper for students to use as counters! Grab it for free today!

Blank Number Line Worksheet

Check out this awesome number line worksheet. Each of the five number lines goes to twenty and is labeled from 1-20 on each tick mark.

Number Lines to 20

Simply print and go with this number line worksheet. For use with elementary students doing basic math, this freebie is bound to become a classroom favorite!

Printable Blank Number Lines

Printable number lines to five and ten. This worksheet makes counting easy for young learners! Whether your in the classroom or homeschool setting, you’re going to love it!

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