Compound Word Reading Passages

Compound Word Reading Passages make learning to read and comprehend fun in preschool to grade 3. These printable passages are written in a variety of grade levels and work well in both homeschool and classroom settings. Each passage is engaging and features four comprehension questions helping your students to become well-rounded readers. Grab our READ Curriculum Notebook to enhance your reading block even more this school year!

Free Printable Compound Words Pack!

As a special THANK YOU to our subscribers, this Compound Words Workbook is offered in an easy download!

Reading Passages with Compound Words

Reading passages with compound words will support even the most reluctant learners. These passages are perfect for reading centers and work well paired with almost any reading program. Four levels are included in this resource: preschool-kindergarten, kindergarten-1st grade, first grade-second grade, and second grade-third grade.

Compound Word Reading Passages PreK – Kindergarten

Below you will find five preschool & kindergarten reading passages. Each passage features a variety of compound words within an engaging age-appropriate passage.

Compound Reading Passage PreK-Kindergarten

Preschool and kindergarten students will love this easy-to-read compound word passage. Then they will answer a few comprehension questions.

Preschool-Kinder Reading Compound Words

Reading compound words has never been more fun! Students in preschool to kindergarten will love this engaging reading passage worksheet.

Reading Compound Words Preschool & Kinder Passage

Reading passages with compound words is what you’ll find on this free printable worksheet. These passages work perfectly in homeschool or classrooms.

Preschool Compound Reading Passages

Compound word reading passages make learning to read fun! These passages make homeschool and classroom settings into engaging learning spaces.

Free Printable Preschool Reading Passages

Prek – kindergarten reading passages make learning to read and comprehend fun. These are the best reading passages with classic stories.

Compound Word Reading Passages

Compound word reading passages are a fantastic resource for parents and teachers looking to help young learners improve their reading skills. These passages are designed to introduce children to compound words, which are words made up of two or more smaller words. To use these reading passages effectively, provide your child with a quiet and comfortable space to read and answer the comprehension questions that come with the passages. Encourage your child to read the passages out loud to help with pronunciation and fluency. Pair these passages with our Compound Word Flashcards (coming soon!) to maximize your reading block!

Compound Word Reading Passages Kindergarten – 1st Grade

Free kindergarten to first-grade reading passages. These five worksheets feature compound word reading passages along with reading comprehension questions.

K-1 Reading Passage with Compound Words

Free kindergarten and first-grade reading passages are designed with your students in mind! They are free and easy to use!

Free Reading Passages with compound Words

Grab this free reading passage with compound words for kindergarten and first-grade students are sure to please any of your readers!

K & 1 Reading Passage with Compound Words

These compound word reading passages for kindergarten and first-grade students. These classic stories are created with students in mind.

Printable K-1 Reading Passage with Compound Words

2-3 sentences explaining worksheet contents, grade levels, skills, keywords.

Compound Word Reading Passage Kindergarten & 1st Grade

The best reading passages with compound words are on this worksheet. Free PDF download.

Compound Words Reading Passages

These passages work well as independent assessments, homework assignments, or as a part of your reading centers. As your student reads, ask them questions about the meaning of the words and the story. By using these reading passages regularly, your child will not only improve their reading skills but also develop a better understanding of compound words and their meanings.

Compound Word Reading Passages 1st – 2nd Grade

Free printable 1st and 2nd-grade compound word reading passages. These passages are easy and fun to read and come with four comprehension questions.

1st & 2nd Grade Reading Compound Words

Grab your very own first and second-grade compound word reading worksheet. Perfect for homeschool and classroom settings.

Compound Word Passage Grade 1-2

Free reading passages with compound words. Grab your very own copy today! These downloads are printable PDFs.

First and Second Grade Compound Word Reading Passage

Compound word reading passages with classic stories are perfect for your early learners!

Grades 1 & 2 Compound Word Passage

Grab our free reading passages today! These reading and spelling worksheets are free printable PDFs.

Compound Word Reading Passage Grade 1 and 2

Grab your free download of this grade 1 to 2 compound word reading passage. Perfect for reading centers or independent activities.

Compound Word Reading Passages 2nd – 3rd Grade

Students in grades 2 and 3 will love these engaging compound word reading passages. Each page features comprehension questions that go along with engaging passages.

Free Compound Word Reading Passage

Your homework pages and reading centers were just taken up a notch! These compound word passages make the perfect worksheets for grades 2-3.

Second and Third Grade Reading Passage

Free printable second and third-grade reading passages. These worksheets feature a variety of compound words and engaging stories.

Printable Grades 2-3 Reading Passage

Improve your reading comprehension and fluency with these compound word reading passages. Perfect for independent or small group work.

Printable Compound Word Reading Passage Grades 2-3

Free printable reading passages with compound words. These worksheets are perfect for comprehension and fluency skill improvement.

Grades 2 & 3 Compound Word Reading Passage

Grab this free second and third-grade compound word reading passage printable today! Free, easy to use, and simple to download! Your students will love it!

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