Kindergarten Measurement Worksheets

Free Kindergarten Measurement Worksheets for kids! This is a free set of worksheets designed for children to practice their measuring skills. This pack includes 23 individual pages that focus on measuring objects, liquids, and comparing sizes. Children will become familiar with a ruler and the units of measurement it uses when measuring different objects, shapes and lines. Students will learn to measure pictures, shapes, and real-life objects to the nearest inch.

Kindergarten Measurement Worksheets

Free printable measuring worksheets for Kindergarten students that will keep your kids learning and having fun!

Measuring Math Worksheets

Kindergarten measurement activities are perfect for teaching kids how to measure! These free tools will surely get your kids practicing inches easily.

Kindergarten Math

Our measurement in kindergarten activities will teach kids how to measure in inches the easy way! Print and go, it’s a no-prep plan for Kindergarten!

Preschool Math

Teach kids how to measure in inches with these incredibly easy to use measuring worksheets. Kids can measure identifiable objects.

Measuring Objects

These measuring objects worksheets for kindergarten are perfect for your little ones. Have students review and determine how many inches for each object.

Measuring Math Worksheets

Our measuring math worksheets help students learn how to measure in inches. Measure a pencil, pen, paintbrush, and more!

Measuring Worksheets

Our measuring objects worksheets for kindergarten are perfect for your little ones. Have students measure a carrot, avocado, pea pod, and more!

Measuring Lines

Teach kids how to measure in centimeters with our handy math worksheets! First, start with how many centimeters are in an inch!

Measuring Home Objects

Measure items in the home like a computer, chair, lamp, desk, and more! Kids learn math the easy way with these valuable math worksheets.

Measuring Shapes

Kids can learn how to measure sides of shapes using our shape measure worksheets. For advanced students, ask to add all sides together!

Measuring Geometric Shapes

Teach geometric shapes with our fun-filled math activities. For advanced students, ask them to add up all sides.

Measuring Kitchen Objects

Teach kids how to measure in inches with our measuring kitchen objects. From a pretzel to hot dog, kids will get hungry with these food favorites.

Measuring Worms

Use worms to measure in inches…inchworm, get it?!!! Kids will have a blast talking about this fun little guy inching across the page.

Plant Measuring Worksheet

Teach kids how to order by height using a variety of sizes with trees. These free measuring worksheets will allow your kids to soar with math concepts.

Measuring Art Supplies

Measuring length kindergarten worksheets is easy for Kindergarteners to understand the concept of how long an object is and how to order it correctly.

Comparing Sizes

Teach kids the concept of size with our Order by Size Math Worksheets. From fish to leaves, kids will write the number from 1 to 3 or small medium large.

Size Comparison Worksheets

Measuring weight worksheets for kindergarten allows kids to understand how to order by weight based on size.

Cooking Measurement Worksheets

Students can learn how to cook with our cooking measurement worksheets. Kids will enjoy finding out what holds less and circle the correct answer.

Measuring Liquids

Measuring liquids is easy with our Which Holds More? Kids will circle the correct answer on which object holds more liquids.

Nature Size Comparison

With our nature math worksheets, students will practice which object is bigger. From fish to cats, kids will love identifying cute creatures.

Measuring Size Comparison

These math worksheets help kids learn which object is heavier by applying their knowledge of common foods and animals.

Sequencing By Size

Teach kids which object is longer with our ‘sequencing by size’ free math worksheets. From paintbrushes to pencils, kids will learn easily!

Tree Size Comparisons

Measuring height worksheets in kindergarten style is a great way to teach how tall objects are in comparison to each other.

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    Wonderful worksheets!

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    Just what we needed for our preschool STEAM day on measurement!

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