Number Sense Worksheets

Number Sense Worksheets are engaging and fun for elementary grade levels! These amazing worksheets are designed to help children develop a strong foundation in number sense while keeping them entertained and motivated. Whether your child is just starting to explore numbers or needs a little extra practice, our worksheets cater to various skill levels. For more math activities, please check out our Number of the Week Program today!

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Each one of our number awareness worksheets has adorable graphics and activities for students to complete. Teachers! Support your student’s growth and math confidence with these number sense practice worksheets. Students will also be able to practice their handwriting and fine motor skills with our number sense and operations worksheets.

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Teachers, you can print these math worksheets on colorful paper to help keep your students attention. Make learning math a breeze with our number recognition activities. Students will practice math, fine motor, and number recognition skills. For more free number sense activities check out our free Number Sense Charts.

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Elevate your child’s math skills today! Build their confidence by downloading our free printable number sense worksheets. Help create math a fun experience for your students to look forward to. Kids will start to build a healthy relationship with math. We offer more free Number Sense Flashcards for easy download.

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Number Sense Activity Worksheets Easy

This is a number-sense activity that includes six different sections for your students to complete. Each box has a math-related question.

Number Sense Activity Worksheets Medium

This is a number-sense activity printable that will ask students, how old they are, spell the number, draw the number, as well as using math cubes, ten frames, and dice to represent the number.

Number Sense Activity Worksheets Hard

This is a harder level of number sense worksheet. Students will have a more difficult set of activities to complete.

Number Sense Color, Count, and Circle Worksheets Easy

This number sense worksheet is going to help students with their counting and number recognition skills.

Number Sense Color, Count, and Circle Worksheets Medium

Students will count each object and then circle the correct number. Each section will have a different object for students to count.

Number Sense Color, Count, and Circle Worksheets Hard

This is a harder level of counting. Students will count to higher numbers with this set of counting sections.

Number Sense Count and Dab Easy

Dab and dots can be used to represent the amount of objects in each box. Each box has a different number of objects.

Number Sense Count and Dab Medium

Dab and dots are pen-shaped painting utensils for students to press onto each circle. This will quickly fill in each desired circle.

Number Sense Count and Dab Hard

Download our free number sense count and dab worksheets today! Students will have a blast learning how to count.

Number Sense Cut and Paste #s vs Objects Easy

This is a cut-and-paste number activity for your student to complete. Students will cut out each number and paste it to the correct section.

Number Sense Cut and Paste #s vs Objects Medium

This is a cut-and-paste number game has adorable objects for your students to count. There are llamas, turtles, popcorn, and ice cream.

Number Sense Cut and Paste #s vs Objects Hard

Students will get to exercise their scissor skills with this cutting math game. Kids will cut out all of the numbers and then use glue to paste in the correct dotted box.

Number Sense Ten Frame Worksheet Easy

Ten frames are a grid or frame with a 2×5 configuration making up to ten connected cubes. These frames help students visualize amounts.

Number Sense Ten Frame Worksheet Medium

Students will take their ten frame blocks and place them over the correct number of cubes. They will then circle the correct number on the right.

Number Sense Ten Frame Worksheet Hard

Ten frames can be composed and decomposed to create the correct amount. Ten frames help make math hands-on for your students.

Number Sense Tracing Worksheets Easy

These number sense tracing worksheets take math and writing to combine an engaging math learning experience.

Number Sense Tracing Worksheets Medium

Students will count the number of objects and then trace each number. Kids can use a variety of different colors to trace the numbers.

Number Sense Tracing Worksheets Hard

To make these math number sense worksheets more entertaining you can give children paints to paint out each number.

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