Place Value Chart

Print our free place value charts and diagrams for learning number sense. Teach your math students that each digit has a place and a value! Our place value charts feature whole numbers to the hundred millions as well as decimal numbers to the millionths.

Place Value Chart

This colorful place value chart can be hung in your classroom and used as a reference chart. This chart features two rows of placements, the first for whole numbers and the second for decimal place value.

Printable Place Value Chart

This free printable place value chart is a great reference sheet you can pass out to your students. This black and white chart features whole number place value across the top and decimal place value across the bottom.

Place Value Mat

Print this free place value mat for students learning the basics of digit location to the the hundreds. This can be used with large dice, number tiles, or homemade number cards. Students write the number they build on the lines provided.

Place Value Learning Chart

This is a a printable place value learning mat for students to learn numbers to the millions place. Provide students with number tiles, or nine dice if you have them, and let them have fun building and rebuilding numbers.

Place Value Bookmarks

These are free printable place value bookmarks you can give your to your students for extra math practice. These would be great on student desks, or as part of a math learning center.

Place Value Bookmarks (B&W)

This set of place value bookmarks are great for students who want to color their own! This will save you tons of ink, or print on colored cardstock paper to make them pop!

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