Shapes Worksheets for Kindergarten

Students will build their knowledge of tracing, matching, spatial awareness and shape identification with these delightful worksheets. They contain shapes such as circles, triangles, squares, rectangles and more complex shapes, such as stars, trapezoids, hearts, ovals diamonds and more. If you are looking for more fun with shapes try our Shape of the Week Program.

Color by Shape Worksheets

Students use and build their skills in following directions, color matching, labeling and identifying shapes and more. With a combination of creativity and learning shapes, it is sure to be a fun activity.

Color by Shape Worksheet

Students use the color guide to match shapes in this fun troll worksheet.

Color by Shape Worksheet

Students use the color guide to shape match with this cute troll worksheet.

Color by Shape Worksheet

Ice cream for all in this fun color and shape matching worksheet.

Shape Tracing Worksheets

Students will learn to trace shapes, such as circles, triangles and squares with these single shape work sheets. They will also practice spatial awareness with on and in. It combines creativity with shapes in an enjoyable worksheet.

Trace the Triangles

Students will learn to trace triangles, identify shapes, and spatial awareness with this worksheet.

Trace the Circles

In this worksheet, Students trace the lines of the circle while learning names of shapes and spatial awareness.

Trace the Squares

This worksheet will teach students how to trace and recognize squares as well as spatial awareness.

Shape Name, Trace and Color Worksheets

Students will have fun with these shape naming, tracing and coloring worksheets. With ice cream, house and boat themes, it will entice their creativity, in this delightful activity.

Name, Trace and Color Worksheet

Students will have fun with this ice cream theme worksheet as they learn shape names and how they are drawn through tracing.

Name, Trace and Color Worksheet

This boat, shape tracing worksheet is sure to be a hit. It will help the students learn shape names while being creative.

Name, Trace and Color Worksheet

Name, trace and color this worksheet to complete the house. A creative way to learn shapes.

Shape Tracing and Drawing Worksheets

Tracing shapes has now moved up to free hand drawing with these next level shape drawing worksheets. It is a great way to scaffold to the next step. With simple and complex shapes, these worksheet are a great way to progress in shape drawing.

Trace and Draw Shapes

Students will learn to trace and draw shapes with this handy worksheet.

Trace and Draw Shapes

This worksheet will help children trace then free hand simple shapes.

Trace the Shapes

Students will learn simple and complex shapes through tracing with this worksheet.

Shape Symmetry Worksheet

Students will learn how to follow directions as they finish the shapes and trace the links. These worksheets teach shape recognition with simple shapes such as circles, squares and triangles as well as more complex shapes such as hearts, trapezoids, octagons, hexagons and more. Bringing it to the next level is a worksheet that focusing on symmetry and the beginnings of fractions.

Finish the Shape

Students will learn shape names, recognition, and build on following directions with this tracing worksheet.

Finish the Shape

This worksheet is a great way to have students follow directions as they learn shape recognition and names.

Shape Symmetry

This worksheet gives students a more in depth look at the symmetry of shapes as well as beginning stages of fractions.

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