Moon Coloring Pages

Free printable moon coloring pages for kids! You’ll find crescent moons and full moons, and even a sun, moon, and stars coloring page for your kiddos.

Earth Moon Sun Coloring Page

This coloring page includes a picture of the earth, moon and sun. Students will have a blast with this free craft!

Crescent Moon Printable

Science coloring pages for children. This is a large crescent moon for students to color.

Moon Coloring Page

Science for kids! This is a fun science space craft for your students to color, decorate and cut.

Moon and Star Template

This is a coloring picture of a large moon with craters and some small stars in the background.

Moon with Face Printable

Large crescent moon with a cute smiley face. This half-moon template printable can be laminated for durability.

Sun Moon & Stars Coloring Page

This is a single-page printable craft includes a sun, two stars and a moon for students to color and cut out.

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