Sight Word Assessments

Free Sight Word Assessments for preschool, kindergarten, first, second, and third-grade students. These sight words assessment sheets provide teachers with free, low-prep reading assessments for Dolch 220 sight words, which are common sight words organized by frequency and grade level. Each assessment includes a teacher checklist to track and report student progress by measuring and testing each quarter during the school year. These simple assessment windows will provide you the opportunity to show student growth and deficit areas with ease. If you’re looking for a sight words curriculum, we’ve got you covered with our engaging, hands-on Sight Words Curriculum Bundle.

Sight Word Assessment

Students will love our engaging sight word assessment pages, teachers will love the ease of our sight word assessment checklists. These assessments provide students with a variety of sight word reading practices. Students will read the words and teachers can use the teacher guide checklist to check for understanding.

Dolch Sight Word Assessment

Our free assessments are low-prep and easy to use. Simply print the student assessment pages and laminate them for extended use. Print a teacher checklist for each of your students and mark which words were identified correctly and which words were not. This can be used for recording up to four times each year on the same assessment sheet.

Sight Word Assessments

All you need to get started with your yearly sight word assessments is printed sheets, a pencil, scissors, and a laminator (laminate for extended use). Grab your supplies and begin assessing your students’ learning today! For even more sight word practice check out our Sight Word Lists.

How to Administer Dolch Sight Word Assessment

Before testing your students for sight words, you might consider providing them with a few refresher materials. Check out our free sight words printables below for materials for each grade. These sets coordinate with the sight words assessments below. They include the exact same Dolch sight words lists and the material is all color coded with the same color border so you’ll be able to quickly tell which reading material belongs to each grade level.

Sight Words Lists

Sight Word Flashcards

Sight Words Games

Sight Words Worksheets

Preparing Assessment Materials: To administer our Dolch sight word assessments, you’ll need to print one teacher checklist for each student you are assessing. This checklist will serve as their progress tracker across all four quarters of the school year. Next, print one grade-level set of sight word assessment cards For each grade, we’ve organized all the common sight words by frequency, into four groups which print on two pages. As you’ll be using these assessment cards with each student year after year, we recommend laminating them before you cut them apart. You’ll have four half-sheet assessment cards for each grade level.

Sight Word Assessment Process: Provide students with the assessment card(s) you are testing on. You might consider offering them a piece of black construction paper to block out words by each row, so they are not overwhelmed or distracted by other words on the card. Have students use their fingers to touch and read each word from Left to Right, and Top-Bottom. The words presented will be in the same order as the teacher assessment checklist. You can follow along recording student progress as you go. We recommend using a simple “check” for correct, and an “x” for incorrect words.

Follow-Up: Each assessment checklist provides you with four opportunities to mark student progress. We recommend testing students once per quarter during the school year. Additionally, especially with younger students, you can decide to use these assessment cards as a guide on which sight words to learn each quarter.

Dolch Sight Word Assessments Preschool

This free printable preschool sight word assessment will help you analyze where each of your pre-k students lands with their sight word reading skills. We’ve designed this preschool sight words reading assessment to include 10 words per section so your students will not be overwhelmed by a huge, daunting list of words. The font size has been increased to allow young preschool students to follow along with their fingers. All of the words listed are from the Dolch preschool (pre-primer) word list.

Preschool Sight Word Assessment Teacher Checklist

Free printable preschool sight word assessment checklist for teachers to keep track of student progress each quarter of the school year.

Preschool Sight Word Assessment 1

Preschool student assessment pages are easy to read, bright, and engaging. Your students can be assessed using these sheets four times per year.

Preschool Sight Word Assessment 2

Part two of our preschool student assessment sheets. This free PDF provides students with a variety of words to practice and assess their knowledge.

Dolch Sight Word Assessments Kindergarten

Kindergarten sight word assessment sheets are great for students and teachers alike. Teachers have a no-prep assessment that students are sure to be engaged in. Student pages are easy to read and teacher pages are easy to track and monitor growth.

Kindergarten Teacher Checklist Sight Words

Our kindergarten teacher assessment sheet provides four different assessment windows for students to be monitored. This makes seeing growth and understanding student’s deficit areas easy!

Kindergarten Sight Word Assessment

Free PDF printable kindergarten sight word sheets provide easy-to-read, kindergarten Dolch words for assessment. Students will read each word aloud and teachers will mark the words correct/incorrect.

Student Sight Word Assessment

Dolch sight word student assessment pages provide students with a small, engaging set of kindergarten-level sight words to be assessed on. Assessments can happen four times a year to monitor progress and growth.

Dolch Sight Word Assessments 1st Grade

First grade Dolch sight word assessment pages for students and teachers are no-prep and easy to use! All you need to do is print, cut the assessment pages in half (laminate for extended use), and go! Teachers have four assessment windows to have students complete making it easy to show growth and deficit areas!

First Grade Dolch Sight Word Teacher Checklist

Teachers grab this checklist with a variety of first-grade Dolch sight words listed. Assess students’ knowledge of these words to report home to parents or use as a grading tool for report cards.

First Grade Dolch Sight Word Assessment

These student assessment sheets provide a half sheet of sight words at a time, making
assessing less overwhelming and more fun for students! Check out these free printables today.

Dolch Sight Word Assessment First Grade

Page two of our first-grade student assessment pages provides reading and assessment of sight words for young learners. Grab this free printable assessment sheet along with the teacher checklist for easy assessing!

Dolch Sight Word Assessments 2nd Grade

Second-grade sight word assessments are enjoyable when there are low-prep resources. These printable worksheets provide everything you need to assess students on the second-grade dolce sight words up to four times a year! Grab yours and get started today!

Second Grade Sight Word Assessment Teacher Checklist

Use this teacher assessment checklist throughout the year’s four windows to show student growth and assess the basic sight words every child should know.

Second Grade Dolch Sight Word Assessment

Here is our first student assessment page. This assessment provides teachers with knowledge about where the student is reading, how they are doing with blending words, as well as letter/sound recognition.

Second Grade Sight Word Assessment

Our student assessment pages are printable PDFs. Print on cardstock and laminate for extended use. This also allows you to wipe them down after each student use!

Dolch Sight Word Assessments 3rd Grade

Practicing sight words with your third-grade students is just as important as with kindergarten students! Check out these third-grade Dolch sight word assessment pages to show student growth and deficit areas. This set includes a teacher checklist, two full (four half) sheets of student pages, and a whole lot of fun!

Teacher Sight Word Assessment Check List Grade 3

Our teacher checklist provides educators with four windows to assess students throughout the year. This makes it super easy to show growth and provide deficit area feedback to students, parents, and school personnel.

Third-Grade Sight Word Assessment

Laminate these student assessment pages for extended use and easy cleaning! This page features two half sheets (simply cut in half) of Dolch sight words for students to read aloud. Using a half sheet at a time takes the sense of overwhelm out of the assessment for students.

Dolch Sight Word Assessment for Third Grade

Dolch sight word list assessment sheets for third-grade students are bright and easy to read. This makes assessing student’s knowledge of third-grade sight words a breeze. Students are sure to be engaged in this form of assessment all year long!

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