Phonics Assessment

Phonics Assessment incorporates short vowel CVC words into an engaging assessment. Included in this resource are teacher assessment checklist pages and student assessment sheets which are two full pages that students use during assessment. Teachers are able to check for understanding of CVC phonics skills throughout the year with these free pages. Take your students’ learning to the next level by incorporating our Kindergarten R.E.A.D. curriculum notebook!

Free Phonics Assessment Checklist

Students will love our engaging short vowel CVC word assessment pages and teachers will love the ease of our teacher assessment checklists. These assessments provide students with a variety of options for phonics reading assessment throughout the year.. Students will read the given short vowel CVC words while teachers use the matching teacher checklist to assess students’ understanding.

Phonics Assessment PDF

Our free phonics assessments are low-prep and super easy to use. Begin by printing the student assessment pages (laminate for extended use). Then, print the teacher checklist (one for each of your student) and mark which words were read correctly and which words were not. This assessment can be used up to four times using the same assessment sheet!

Phonics Assessment

All you need to get started with your yearly sight word assessments is the printed teacher checklist and student assessment sheets, a pencil, scissors, and a laminator (if you choose to laminate for extended use). Once you have everything read, begin assessing your students’ short vowel CVC word understanding today! For even more phonics practice check out our CVC Worksheets.

How do you use phonics assessments?

To administer our phonics assessments, grab our student and teacher checklist pages and show students one of the half-sheet word lists at a time and have students track each word they read with their fingers so they don’t lose their place while reading. While students are reading through the sight word lists, teachers will following along and mark each word correctly read word as correct and each incorrectly read word as incorrect on the teacher checklist page. Complete this same assessment process during the four windows indicated on the teacher checklist to monitor phonics growth.

Short A Phonics Assessment

This assessment focuses on the short A vowel sound. Students will read words like tan, yap, cab, man, and ham to prove their understanding and ability to read short A CVC words.

Short A CVC Word Assessment Teacher Checklist

Free printable phonics assessment checklist for teachers to keep track of student progress each quarter of the school year.

Short A Phonics Assessment

Student assessment pages are easy to read, bright, and engaging. Your students can be assessed using these sheets four times per year.

Free CVC Words Assessment

Part two of our student assessment sheets. This free PDF provides students with a variety of short A CVC words to practice and assess.

Short E Phonics Assessment

Student assessment pages and a teacher checklist provides educators with an easy to implement assessment strategy that is FREE!

Short E Phonics Assessment Teacher Checklist

Our phonics teacher assessment sheet provides four different assessment windows for students to be monitored. This makes seeing growth and understanding student’s deficit areas easy!

Short E Phonics Assessment

Free PDF printable phonics assessment sheets provide easy-to-read, short E CVC words for assessment. Students will read each word aloud and teachers will mark the words correct/incorrect.

Free Short E Phonics Assessment

Phonics student assessment pages provide students with a small, engaging set of CVC words to be assessed on. Assessments can happen four times a year to monitor progress and growth.

Short I Phonics Assessment

Need to know if your students are fluent in reading short I CVC words? Grab these assessment pages today and start assessing as soon as tomorrow!

Short I Phonics Teacher Checklist

Teachers grab this checklist with a variety of short I CVC words listed. Assess students’ knowledge of these words to report home to parents or use as a grading tool for progress reports.

Short I CVC Word Assessment

These student assessment sheets provide a half sheet of short I CVC words that makes
assessing less overwhelming and more fun for students! Check out these free printables today.

Assessment Page for Short I Blends

Page two of our phonics student assessment pages provides reading and assessment of short I CVC words for young learners. Use this assessment sheet along with the teacher checklist for easy assessing!

Short O Phonics Assessment

Short O CVC word assessment pages provide a variety of short O words to read and check for understanding. Teacher checklist pages are set up for four different assessment windows.

Short O Teacher Assessment Checklist

Use this teacher assessment checklist throughout the year’s four windows to show student growth and assess the basic sight words every child should know.

Assessment Short O CVC Words

Here is our first student assessment page. This assessment provides teachers with knowledge about where the student is reading, how they are doing with blending words, as well as letter/sound recognition.

Short O Phonics Assessment

Our student assessment pages are printable PDFs. Print on cardstock and laminate for extended use. This also allows you to wipe them down after each student use!

Short U Phonics Assessment

Assess your students CVC word blending skills with these short U pages! Teachers, grab the checklist and monitor your students’ growth throughout the year.

Teacher Assessment Checklist for Short U

Our teacher checklist provides educators with four windows to assess students throughout the year. This makes it super easy to show growth and provide deficit area feedback to students, parents, and school personnel.

Short U Phonics Assessment

Laminate these student assessment pages for extended use and easy cleaning! This page features two half sheets (simply cut in half) of short U CVC words for students to read aloud. Using a half sheet at a time takes the sense of overwhelm out of the assessment for students.

Blending CVC Word Assessment

Our phonics assessment sheets feature short U CVC words that are bright and easy to read. This makes assessing student’s knowledge blending sounds a breeze. Students are sure to be engaged in this form of assessment all year long!

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  • Julia L. Parker Reply

    Thank you for the CVC freebies and assessment forms. I am a daycare teacher at Danville Christian Learning Center in Danville, Illinois. I am responsible for our children learning phonics with the goal of pre-reading skills. Three of our children are now reading short books. I would love to see most or all of our children learning to read or at least to have some experience with phonics. I love my job and I love the children I work with. I am very blessed to be involved at DCLC.

    January 27, 2023 at 12:42 pm
  • Sangeetha R Reply

    Excellent worksheets… Appreciate the awesome work.. Thanks a ton

    July 4, 2023 at 8:24 am

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