Shape Attributes Worksheets

Our free printable attribute worksheets are perfect when paired with attribute blocks or printable attribute manipulatives. Students build math skills such as sorting, classifying, patterns, venn diagrams, and more. For more, check out our Pattern Blocks Activity Pack or our Shape of the Week Curriculum.

Attribute Block Worksheets:

To determine if your attribute blocks will work with this set of worksheets, make sure your attribute blocks have the following distinctions:

  • Color: Red, Blue, Yellow
  • Shapes: Circle, Triangle, Square, Rectangle, Hexagon
  • Thickness: Thick and Thin
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large -or- Small and Large at least two sizes.
Shape Attributes Worksheet / Sorting Mat

Attribute Block Shape Sorting

Attributes Shape Sorting Mat

Students sort the attribute blocks according to shape. This learning mat covers circles, triangles, and squares and can be paired with the second mat for a complete learning center.

Attributes Shape Sorting Mat

This second shape sorting mat provides room for students to sort rectangles and hexagons. Use these learning mats to build a simple tabletop shape sorting learning center.

Shape Attribute Size Sorting Mat

Attribute Blocks Size Sorting

Attribute Sorting by Size Mat: Small, Medium, Large

Students sort the blocks according to three sizes: small, medium, and large. This is a simple way to begin to learn to see different ways to classify an sort items.

Attribute Sorting by Size Mat: Small, Large.

Depending on the set of attribute blocks you’ve purchased, you might not have all three sizes. This size sorting mat works for when you have two sizes: small and large.

Shape Attribute Worksheets / Mats by Color

Sorting by Color Learning Mats

Shape Attributes by Color Mat

Students separate shapes by color with this simple color sorting mat. Attribute blocks generally come with three colors; red, yellow and blue.

Shape Attributes by Thickness

Some attribute block sets come with shapes of varying thickness. This is a small details that provides another way to sort the blocks.

Attribute Block Venn Diagram

Blank Attribute Venn Diagram

Attribute Blocks can be sorted and grouped by so many different physical differences. Here is a simple blank Venn diagram you can use to practice key sorting and classifying skills with your students. Simply label each attribute at the top of each.

Attribute Block Spin Game

Attribute Block Game 1 (For 3 Sizes)

Students Spin to find the perfect shape that fulfills all attributes; shape, size, thickness, and color. This is a fun multi-player game that can be played with a pencil and a paper clip spinner, or transparent plastic spinners.

Attribute Block Game 2 (For 2 Sizes)

If your set of attribute blocks contains two size variations, you’ll want to print this version of the attribute block game. This is great for building and retaining working memory as well. The game is played the exact same way.

Attribute Blocks Seek & Find

Shape Attributes Seek & Find (For 3 Sizes)

This is a handy activity mat for students of multiple ages. Older students can read the clues and find the perfect shape. For younger students, you can adapt this as a listening skills activity by reading the clues aloud as students use working memory to identify the shape.

Shape Attributes Seek & Find (For 2 Sizes)

This clue sheet includes descriptions for only two different sized shapes (small and large). Use this sheet if your attribute blocks only have two size variations.

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