Clock Template

Free Clock Templates are the perfect way to teach your students how to tell time! These engaging math worksheets provide elementary students with the skills and practice needed to become superb time tellers. Below you will find a variety of printable clock templates that you can use to teach the how behind time telling. Check out these free printable templates along with our Interactive Math resource. When you pair these two resources, your student will be math wizards before you know it!

Clock Templates

These clock worksheets are a fun, effective way to teach students the skills they need to master telling time. With these easy-to-use printables, students will learn to tell time in no time. Each worksheet features a clock face, chart, or practice problems.

Clock Face Template

Below you will find three different clock face templates. Each template has a different numbered design from the standard 1-12 to Roman numerals and everything in between!

Clock Template

Perfect for elementary students learning how to tell time. This worksheet features each number 1-12 on the clock face. Laminate and use with a dry-erase marker for a variety of time-telling practice.

Roman numerals Clock Template

Here’s a free clock template featuring the Roman numerals 1-12. Teaching your students HOW to tell time as well as WHAT Roman numerals look like is a breeze.

Clock Template with Face

This clock template features a higher-level design. By taking out all of the hour numbers but 12, 3, 6, and 9, it gives students a more difficult and higher level thinking task.

Clock Face Template

Help your students learn to tell time with clock template worksheets! Use them as an independent activity or have your students cut and paste the pieces onto our paper templates to make their own clock. Laminate for extended use and try using dry-erase markers (available at any big box store) on the clock face. Grab a set of our Printable Clock Learning Activities to enhance these engaging clock templates and take your learning to the next level.

Hand Clock Template

Three hand clock templates are featured below. Two of the templates provide cut-and-paste/movable clock hands. One of the templates has the hour and minute hands added to the clock face.

Hand Clock Template

Here’s a black-and-white hand clock template for your students to use. Laminate the 3 pieces and attach the hour and minute hands with a brass fastener to make them move.

Clock with Hours and Minutes

Free, printable clock with hours and minute hands added. The time on the clock is 3:00. This would be the perfect template to promote time passed activities.

Colored Clock Template

Here’s our adorable hand clock template in FULL COLOR! Each number on the clock face features a different color of the rainbow and the two hands are bright pink.

Clock Template Printable

Get your kids to practice telling time with these fun, cute, and entertaining math worksheets. Print on card stock and laminate the clock template sheets for extended use. Cut and paste the removable handpicks or use brass fasteners (available at any craft store) to make the hour and minute hands to make different times. Do your students LOVE telling time? These Telling Time Worksheets make a great addition to your time-telling` learning units!

Clock Printables

The following pages are free printable worksheets. These pages provide students with a variety of hands-on practice for telling time as well as printable telling-time charts for teachers and parents to use in their learning spaces.

How to Tell Time Hours Chart

This printable worksheet provides your students with on-the-hour time-telling practice. Use this page with your early elementary students.

Cut and Paste Clock Minutes Printable

This free cut-and-paste clock printable gives students the opportunity to practice telling time by the minutes. Simply print, cut out the minute boxes and place in the correct spot.

Cut & Paste Clock Minutes Activity

This minutes clock activity page is a fun cut-and-pase activity for your elementary students. The best part about this clock template? It has brightly colored hour and minute hands.

Cut and Paste Clock Hours & Minutes Printable

This is a free cut-and-paste clock. The clock features a small box for students to place each hour and minute time in. This particular design provides a black clock hand design making printing super easy.

Cut & Paste Clock Hours and Minutes Activity

Have fun with your elementary students with this cut & paste clock template. Students will first need to match the correct hour and minutes to each small box. Then they can use the pink and purple clock hands to practice time telling.

Cut and Paste Clock Hours Activity

Grab this free black-and-white clock hours template today. This template gives your students practice in figuring out where each hour and minute goes. Your early elementary students will love the fun design and gain a TON of time-telling confidence.

Cut & Paste Clock Hours Activity

Early learners will love practicing where the hours on the clock face go with this interactive printable activity page. The hands on this clock are to be cut out and attached with a brass fastener to create moveable hand parts.

Practice Clock Worksheet

This worksheet is an interactive way to learn how to tell time. Students will use a pencil (if printed on plain paper) or a dry-erase marker (if printed and then laminated) to match the clock with the correct corresponding time.

Practice Clock Worksheets

Free telling time practice worksheets give your students an interactive and easy-to-read way of practicing telling time Use these as assessments, independent work, or even homework pages.

Telling Time Printables

Your students will love using this telling time printable. It gives your students so much great information. It would be the perfect addition to any math notebook or learning folder.

How to Tell Time Chart

Here’s the perfect chart to teach your students about telling time. Print it on standard paper to add to a learning folder or notebook. Print this poster for your classroom or homeschool setting and use it today!

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